S.S. Public School aims at providing the best facilities possible for our students in the field of sports.We know the value of sports in student's life.We encourage students to actively take part in sports.

Students can opt to be trained in volleyball, badminton, table tennis, football,chess, athletics. Kho-kho is being introduced this year. We have trained and experienced PTI to guide the students in different sports.

S.S. Public School gives a lot of importance to improving the fitness level of students. Students do exercises to tone and strengthen their muscles. In these sessions students learn self defense techniques which not only help them to defend themselves but also give them the confidence to handle difficult situations.


We have provided a good facility for students for playing volleball in their sports period.


S.S. Public School also provides the facility for students of badminton.Students are encouraged to play badminton especially,the girls,since they like this sport.


Members of the Athletics team of S.S. Public School have set a great example for their fellow students by achieving great heights, participating in track races and field sports at the Zonal Level. Athletics has helped the team to increase their stamina and to develop the physique of the team members.


Chess is a two player strategy board game played on a chessboard and helps in brain development.The Junior and the Sub Junior teams have helped contribute to S.S. Public School’s grandeur.


Table Tennis, usually a casual game played between either two or four players, has now been taken to a competitive level. The team frequently stays back after school-hours to enhance and improve their techniques, to become better players with the help of their coaches.