S.S. Public School is a school with a difference and offer the highest standards of academics interwoven with exemplary levels of co-curricular activities. A team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers support the ideal growth of children. They are aided with state-of-the-art science laboratories, computer labs, audio – visual teaching aids and a well stocked library with a large repository of text books, reference books and world encyclopedias.

Based on the guidelines prescribed by the CBSE Board New Delhi, our faculty members prepare the curriculum for the Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle school Courses strictly in adherence to the relevant syllabus prescribed by the Boards.

Great emphasis is also laid on physical development of every child and a plethora of sports facilities are provided which include ,chess, carrom, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, soccer, basket ball etc with expert physical education personnel guiding the students.

A team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers is the pride of S.S. Public School. Our unique and intimate learning environment, with smart classes, student teacher ratio of 1:30 with appropriate classroom training, enables students to learn in a collaborative ambience in a diverse educational community.

S.S. Public School has highly motivated and well-trained faculty, whose professional skills are constantly upgraded. They are trained to use modern technology to bring out the best teaching practices in them. We have a dedicated resource centre for our teachers with computers, necessary of software and other educational tools. S.S Public School has highly motivated and well-trained faculty with exemplary professional ethics whose skills are constantly enhanced. They are trained to use modern technology to bring the best teaching practices in them.

The academic community not only imparts academics to its students, but also engages students in a wide variety of co-scholastic activities such as life skills, fitness, pottery, bamboo work, computer skills etc.