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S.S. Public School – S.S Public School, is set amidst lush green surroundings at Noida sector 110. S.S Public School campus is a marvel of modern architecture. The attractive landscaped estate boasts of beautiful structures, manicured lawns and waste & water disposal systems that make the campus eco-friendly.

S.S Public School offers its students all the advantage of a modern Educational system without the distraction of the modern city. The campus is in harmony with nature, surrounded by villages and a beautiful blue sky above. The idea of promoting school is to offer a complete education from childhood to adolescent and further leading to technological and modern Education.

A Electric water system and noiseless power generators ensure uninterrupted water and power supply. High boundary walls reinforced at the top by electrified wire fencing make the campus safe and secure. CCTVs are positioned at all entrances and exists. Primarily to complement the non-invasive security system. A fire alarm and a fire fighting system add to their safety.

Our unique and intimate learning environment, with smart classes, student teacher ratio of 1:30 with appropriate classroom training, enables students to learn in a collaborative ambience in a diverse educational community.

Extra-curricular classes are conducted in the school so that the student can nurture their inborn talents under the able guidance of professionals. At S.S. Public School, a student has a plethora of activities to choose from. The extra-curricular classes provide further avenues to enable students to enhance their artistic skills, physical and health education, art education and work experience which are compulsory and are dealt with effectively in the non-scholastic area. These classes are conducted on a regular basis during school hours.

Celebration of Festivals

We like our students to be modern yet be proud of their heritage and imbibe a strong value system based on mutual respect for other culture and traditions. Thus we celebrate all festival with equal reverence and fervour. Every care is taken to provide joyous and festive moods to various celebrations like Raksha bandhan, Independence day, Ganesha Chathurthi, Onam, Krishna janmashtami, Ramzan, Teacher’s day, Children’s day, Christmas and New year . Religion is not differential, it is a unifying cord, a reason for celebration.