Welcome to S.S. Public School Senior Secondary School, Affliated To C.B.S.E, Affiliation No. 2132834

S.S. Public School is affliated to C.B.S.E board New Delhi. It was founded on March 16th, 2013 is one of the institutions conducted by S.S Public School Society. we draw our inspiration from god, who willed the total development of every person, as also from our Founder, Mr. S.S. Tyagi of the Passion.

while our education is directed towards the development of the person we too are primarily concerned with instilling holy values in those we educate and forming responsible citizens in the country who are ready to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal.

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Principal Message

Every child is born with a dormant talent and undiscovered skills within them. We spare no effort to provide a safe and suitable academic atmosphere for drawing out the hidden talents and potential of the student. The brilliant team of faculty members of our school realise that it is not just their duty but responsibility to bring out the best within a child.

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Chairman's Message

I appreciate the initiative you have taken to provide good education to your child. In today’s fast changing social scenario education plays a very crucial role. Education is a tool that can be used to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and change the society. The time, money and efforts invested in education benefits not only an individual or a family but the country as a whole.

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Facilities at S.S. Public School

We are the First school in India with Cutting Edge Educational Technologies
and Smart Technology Empowered Classrooms

Digital Labs

Well equipped Labs -Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Library, with more than
35,00+ books.

Smart Class

Highly interactive computer based aid which makes lessons come alive.

Quality Education

An exhaustive, concept based and very well-researched course content incorporating latest C.B.S.E guidelines. Various digital tools which creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing).

Music and Dance Rooms

Vocal Music and Dance - Indian Classical, Western and Folk Instrumental Music - Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Tabla , Flute, Mandolin, Harmonium, School Brass Band.


Knowledge Centre with Internet Access, CDROM Library and Server that provides Intranet connection to all the classrooms.

Our Achievers